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The value of our services is derived from our commitment to produce consistently high quality work within the constraints of the client's schedule and budget. We constantly adapt our skills to meet individual client needs and the opportunities of the marketplace.

2017 projekti

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  • Services research and sonic leak detection in order to reduce losses on the main distribution pipeline DN90 mm in Kreševo

  • Preparation of project documentation for the project of reconstruction, modernization, accumulation of II BJELAŠNICA

  • Preparation of the main project of collecting, draining and purifying wastewater of the mine "Mramor" and autobase in Mramor

  • Development of project documentation for the project of building a business zone - Ratkovac

  • Development of the main project of water supply and drainage of the waste water of the Golden Hills - Tarčin

  • Feasibility Study - Utility Project for Brčko District

  • Execution of supervision of works for overturning - regulation of local watercourse in mz-Stanić river

  • Preparation of project documentation for the project of the implemented water supply in the Smršnica settlement and the preliminary design

  • Research services and sonic leak detection with the goal of reducing losses on the distribution pipeline BOBITA-ČITLUK