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  • Pipelines

    Hydro Control has significant experience in the planning and design of collection, distribution, and transmissions pipelines for water and wastewater. Providing designs for systems that include pipes of large diameter, we carefully considers owner preferences, operating parameters, installation requirements, and external conditions along the pipeline route.

  • Active Control of Water Losses

    One of the biggest challenges for water management in public water supply systems is to reduce water losses to an economically acceptable minimum. Water losses are a daily occurrence in all water supply systems, and the amount of losses depends on the quality and type of pipeline material, the configuration and type of terrain, the age of the system, the pressure in the system, the type and number of connections, the level of technological development and equipment of the company, etc.

    In order to provide our customers a better service of controlling and reducing water losses, we have gained extensive knowledge and qualifications in the following areas:

    - Developing a plan for reducing losses and analyzing administrative losses;

    - Application of devices and equipment for direct leak detection (according to IWA methodology);

    - Measurement of flow and pressure in zones (Measuring quantities of non-revenue water);

    - Sound loss detection;

    - Control measurements of flow and pressure in the system;

    - Training of personnel on control and reduction of losses.

  • Water Utility Infrastructure

    We provide advice and deliver engineering solutions - from planning, feasibility, design, and procurement to construction supervision - to optimize water and wastewater networks.


    Geo Information System (GIS) is a system for managing spatial data and properties (attributes) associated with them.Geographic information system is primarily intended for geographic information systems of utility companies and local administrations. Specifically, the webGIS application is an application that can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the enterprise network via the Internet or intranet.

    Users access HYDROGIS© via Internet Browsers such as: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.The power of the user's computer and its operating system does not condition the quality of HYDROGIS© due to access to the same usage of the current Internet browsers. Therefore, the number of HYDROGIS© users is not limited either technically or financially.

  • GIS of Water and Sewerage Infrastructure

    The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system that integrates, maintains and updates spatial and numerical data about the water and sewage network of a given area, as well as data on activities performed on these elements. GIS enables the integration of geometric (spatial) and negeometric (descriptive) data from different sources and different formats.

    Our highly skilled team has recognizable references for GIS development of water and sewerage infrastructure, and one of them can be viewed at the following link: Read More

  • Geodetic Services

    Hydro Control has highly qualified personnel for providing geodetic and engineering services according to the highest standards, using the latest and state-of-the-art technologies in the field of geodesy and construction. By using the most modern equipment and instruments, we provide our clients with the following services:

    - Cadastral measurements of underground installations (water and sewage);

    - Creating up-to-date geodetic situations;

    - Development of geodetic reports;

    - Seizing objects;

    - Acquisition of geospatial data;

    - Cartographic products;

    - Creation and maintenance of GIS database;

    - 3D terrain modelling

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Hydro Control has significant qualifications to support complex water treatment challenges, including all accompanying measures to ensure the sustainable service provision in technical and economic terms, and special measures for sewage sludge utilization as byproduct at the plants. We provide consulting services for the following activities:

    - Disposal/reuse of sewage sludge from WWTP;

    - Establishment of Industrial Wastewater Cadastre;

    - Execution of industrial connections in accordance with the legislation;

    - Monitoring of industrial wastewater discharge into the public sewage network with inspection of grease and oil separators;

    - Training of public utilities personnel for industrial discharge control;

    - Establishment of adequate policies and procedures for operation and maintenance of water and sewerage services;

    - Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • Water Sector Project Development & Feasibility Studies

    - Projects appraisal in water supply and waste water

    - Watercourse regulation projects

    - Feasibility studies including financial and sensitivity analysis

    - Project management

    - Tender procedures

    - Monitoring

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Why Hydro Control ?

  • Strategically oriented development, top-level personnel and knowledge in the past few years led us to the top of the water and wastewater utility management. Today we can thank all our associates, and above all our faithful clients for the results achieved. Amer Jusufbegović, M.Sc. in Civil Engineering - Director of Hydro Control Ltd.

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